You are looking for an administrative position, to work as a human resource consultant or in communication? You are looking for employment within the federal government?

You are looking for a new challenge? New professional experiences? We have employment offers within great businesses. Send us your resume as soon as you can.

In the Outaouais area, many employment opportunities can be found. We have positions that needs to be filled within dynamic and innovative businesses. We can help you find work suited for you.

To provide quality service and assist our clients in achieving their objectives by providing them with highly skilled professionals.

Between you and me, the search, selection and appointment of new staff in your department of your business can consume a lot of your time. Our knowledge of the Ottawa-Hull employment market and our network of key contacts put us in direct link with employment opportunities and job seekers, in all identifiable spheres of work in both government and private area. Discover what we have to offer! And devote your precious time to doing what you know and do best - managing your department or business, and taking care of your clients, as only you know how!

The president,
Bernard Grenier