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  • Please complete all required information on time sheet.
  • All Time sheets must be authorized by a Supervisor in order be receive pay cheque.
  • Any false declaration on timesheet may result in dismissal and or contract termination.
  • Please verify your calculations; lunchtime is not paid in accordance with applicable Labor Laws.
  • You have the responsibility and obligation to call your Supervisor and your Account Manager when absent from work.
  • Holidays and statutory holidays shall be paid in accordance with applicable labor laws.
  • Direct deposit is available to you on weekly basis; contact us for more information.
  • All timesheets must be received by our Payroll Department by Monday noon following your workweek. For your convenience, timesheets can be faxed in and originals must be mailed to our office. Fax: (819) 778-6534.
  • On last day of work of any specific assignment, all Security passes and client property must be returned to the client or dropped off at our office. Negligence or refusal to do so could be considered as a criminal offence.

Thank you for your patronage, we are proud to have you amongst our team of professionals!


Authorized signature of time sheet will constitute acceptance of hours worked as approval for invoicing and payment of such services.

In accordance with PWGSC Rules and Regulations and as specified in protocols of RMSO for temporary help; Federal Government Departments and Agencies are not permitted to initiate casual, term or permanent staffing arrangements with a pre-qualified Supplier's temporary help service employee(s). This includes amending a call-up to accommodate any of the above. Such action could create a liability for the Federal Government Department or Agency. Within industry, a Supplier is in a position to invoice for this type of arrangement.

Overtime is applicable in accordance with Labor Laws and standing offer policies and procedures.

A minimum charge of 4 hours per day is applicable. Thank you for your business. It's a pleasure serving you!